UTTM Advanced Technologies specializes in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions, with a specific focus on Human Risk Management, Compliance and Governance, and Integrations and Team Augmentation.

Navigating the GRC Landscape with Confidence: UTTM Advanced Technologies as Your Partner

With a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges surrounding GRC, UTTM empowers businesses to effectively manage and mitigate risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize their governance processes. Our expertise spans various domains, enabling organizations to proactively address human-related risks, implement robust compliance frameworks, and seamlessly integrate GRC solutions into their existing teams. With UTTM Advanced Technologies as a partner, businesses can navigate the GRC landscape with confidence, streamline operations, and enhance their overall risk management strategies.

Human Risk Management: Security Posture Assessments is not just from an infrastructure point of view but also from an employee’s risk score.

Transforming humans from the 'weakest link'....

Employees have long been viewed as the ‘weakest link’ in a business’s cyber security chain and, with human error still being the number one cause of data breaches, that unwanted crown has rightly been fixed for quite some time. Even with organisations allocating more time and money towards tackling human cyber risk, employee-related security incidents continued to plague businesses in 2023.

But why was that? Simply put, many businesses just aren’t doing enough to combat evolving threats. With cybercriminals using more advanced techniques to exploit humans, the traditional route of once-per-year security awareness training just isn’t enough to protect today’s businesses from the loss of sensitive information, reputational damage and financial repercussions. 

Good news is, the solution to user-focused security has also evolved in recent years through the introduction of Human Risk Management (HRM), offering a much more robust level of protection for businesses of all sizes and sectors. In this guide, will cover why employees create an insider threat and how to drive secure human behaviour in your business.

Compliance & Governance: Infrastructure Security Controls

A fortune is spent on security controls. In many instances the configuration of the controls is not optimal, resulting in the efficacy of the control being ineffectual. In some instances, a control is configured optimally, but not regularly checked.

This "set and forget" approach results in the efficacy of the control being sub-optimal. Not only are changes made to the policies and configurations over time, but the threat landscape evolves, resulting in a depletion of the efficacy. A continuous process of validation and hardening is required. 

The 3 Frameworks Against Which Our Platform Performs Validations:

Regulatory Frameworks
Regulatory driven compliance of the configurations of the security controls. Examples include: PCI, GDPR and POPIA.

Industry Frameworks
The second category against which compliance is validated are industry frameworks. Examples include NIST, MITRE Att&ck and ISO27001.

Vendor Best Practice
Each vendor has a “best practice” when it comes to the optimal policy configurations. Our platform uses these best practices, along with the regulatory and industry frameworks to ensure the ongoing hardening of the security controls. 

Integrations & Team Augmentation
API Security

API Security

Build secure software fast. Find security issues early with the most accurate results in the industry and fix at the speed of DevOps.

Industry-Leading SAST, sustain software resilience with the industry-leading

SAST solution built for modern applications.
Fast, frictionless static analysis without sacrificing quality, covering 30+ languages and frameworks.

Confidently find security issues early and fix at the speed of DevOps.

Automate security in the CI/CD pipeline with a robust ecosystem of integrations and open-source component analysis tools. 

Flexible Deployment
Industry-leading SAST solution available on premises, in the cloud, or AppSec-as-a-Service.

Securing Cloud-Native Apps
Comprehensive shift-left security for cloud-native applications, from IaC to serverless in a single solution. 

How Staff Augmentation Can Reduce Costs for Your Company?

There are costs involved in every process of recruitment and selection, some could be internal and some external. Charting out the costs could also be a painstaking and time-consuming process, and you have to consider the salary of the recruitment team, selection team, the advertising costs involved in the job listings, the software that helps in recruiting and hiring, and so on. And the number crunching doesn’t end there. You still have to consider the benefits, taxes, office spaces, insurance policies, etc. 

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Our specific focus on Human Risk Management, Compliance and Governance, and Integrations and Team Augmentation showcases our comprehensive expertise in the GRC domain. By leveraging our deep understanding of GRC complexities, UTTM empowers organizations to effectively manage risks, maintain regulatory compliance, and optimize governance processes. Through seamless integration and team augmentation, UTTM enables businesses to proactively address human-related risks and implement robust compliance frameworks. By partnering with UTTM Advanced Technologies, businesses can confidently navigate the GRC landscape, streamline operations, and enhance their overall risk management strategies, ultimately achieving greater resilience and success in today's ever-changing business environment.

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